Please Give Us Anal

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Moka Mora‘s best friend has been dating her boyfriend for a little over a year, and from the moment Moka saw him, she has had a huge crush on him. They argue a lot, and Moka is hoping that the relationship will simply run its course, leaving her free to make her move, but this just hasn’t happened. When her oldest friend Luna Star arrives in town to stay with her for a while, Moka cooks up a plan to give him a real Latina introduction…

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My Wife's Hot Friend

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Who is that Luna Star sees in her back patio, cleaning the pool? It’s not the normal pool boy, it’s his son, Lucas. Apparently his father is sick, so he’s taking over, and my, my, Luna sure is glad of that! Her husband’s not home, so she takes advantage of the substitute pool boy and gets wet! She summons him inside to help her with something else, which translates to sticking his hard white cock inside her hot Latina pussy! The sexy blonde pulls out his dick and her big tits and embarks on an adventure he was never expecting. What it’s like to be cleaning a pool one minute, then getting your cock sucked by a scorching-hot Latina who rides your dick while screaming for more in her native tongue? Best. Day. Ever.

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Dirty Wives Club

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Luna Star is hot and horny! Her husband had to bolt this morning, so she didn’t even get to blow him out the door. And that’s left her wanting! So, beep boop bop!, she dials the old hubs up and tells him she wants to fuck Johnny, the guy from the gym! Huh? you say. What? Yes! Sopping wet Luna tells her husband she’s going to fuck another man…. and he’s OK with it! That’s their relationship and they’re sticking to it, especially because it turns both of them on. And Luna tells him she’s going to try to fuck Johnny in front of the cameras, so he can watch later! But what she didn’t tell him is that Johnny’s going to pound her so good she’s going to beg for him to creampie her thirsting pussy, he’s in for a treat! And Johnny, the innocent bystander, just gets a call from a sexy, blonde, hotwifing Latina with big tits and a fat ass telling him she wants him to come over and fuck… what a lucky bastard!

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Breakfast With Boobies

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When Sean Lawless wakes up, he’s surprised to find out his dad has hired a hot maid. As she introduces herself, Luna Star tells Sean that she’s also helping his parents with their marital problems. She’s in an open relationship with both parents, but this is not clearly not enough for the sexy slut who is determined to fuck the entire family! She teases her perfect round ass to Sean as she offers to take care of his needs, starting with his huge cock which she sucks right there in the kitchen! She then strips off her dress, revealing her massive tits and her dripping wet pussy, which Sean is happy to lick! Then, as Luna twerks on his cock, Sean gives her the pussy pounding she’s been craving! He even leaves a nice mess for her to clean!

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Luna Star Gets Piped

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Luna Star is one horny ass chick. This time around she called over the plumber to take a look at a leak in her kitchen pipes. There was no real leak, she just wanted someone to fuck while her boyfriend was at work. Instead of fixing pipes, he ended up laying pipe. Luna began to deep-throat the plumber’s cock and then took him over to the shower where the piping began. In the middle of fucking, her boyfriend came home, but luckily she was able to hide her plumber fuck toy from his sight.

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Luna Star Fucks Hard

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Big ass Luna Star gets interrupted and fucked by the handyman who came by to drop off her husband’s drill. He couldn’t stop looking at her after he saw her through the window wearing a thong as she cleaned the house. He opened the door and kept spying on her until she turned around. Luna felt his cock hard after he helped her reach a high spot to clean, and she seduces him. They almost get caught by her husband while she was sucking him off and riding him, but her horny self kept going. We get to see her big ass bounce in doggystyle and cowgirl before we see her orgasm during missionary. She ended up taking a big load in her mouth and face as the husband walks in on them.

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How Convenient

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Luna Star is a horny maniac who loves to go into stores and make a mess, by masturbating in the aisles, that is! While the shopkeeper is helping a customer, he notices a spill in one of the aisles. The shopkeeper doesn’t know where the spill has come from, little does he know it was from Luna squirting! When one of his customers catches Luna rubbing her pussy, the shopkeeper has trouble kicking her out of his store! So he calls a policeman, who to their surprise feeds his cock to the hungry and horny Luna! Will this little shop ever rid themselves of this cock-hungry whore?

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Taming The Wild Wet Butt

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Markus has caught himself a wild wet ass in its prime. Luna Star is hungry for cock in her gaping hole and she’s feisty enough to warrant a frantic fucking. After Markus lubes up that juicy booty with lots of oil, he leads Luna’s big butt out of its cage to tame it with every inch of his cock.

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